Blocks of color

Blocks of color


  1. Hilary Inspired 2 years ago

    Oh, I love this so much!! What a beautiful color combination?! I’m thinking a hat like that wouldn’t be a bad idea for myself either.

  2. vanda 2 years ago

    What can I say????? The perfect outfit, the perfect girl, the PERFECT fashion photo!!!!

  3. stela alves 2 years ago

    I want have the same!!!
    Street Style by Stela

  4. Paula 2 years ago

    Love that pop of color, so cool ^^

  5. I love this color combination.

  6. Jackie 2 years ago

    Strucks the eye in less than a second.
    What a wonderful combination of colours and materials!
    Such class…

  7. zoe 2 years ago


  8. Danielle 2 years ago

    Just wow. love it

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