Bonjour Miss Pandora

Bonjour Miss Pandora


  1. Michelle Lee 2 years ago

    shes so lovely


  2. Lauren@Styleseer 2 years ago

    Love her wonderful red hair and oversize glasses.

  3. Joseph Kent 2 years ago

    The jacket is amazing. I love regency styled clothing. And beautiful lighting for the photo too!

  4. Lola Re 2 years ago

    is that a belt or part of the skirt? either way, love it…


  5. Curtsy2u 2 years ago

    The jacket is nice on its own but together with the outfit, I’m not feeling it. But the outfit without the jacket is also really attractive to me. I like the elements of the ensemble but not necessarily together.

  6. Cinne 2 years ago

    Love the outfit…I must add that these photos were taken in Hyeres France at Villa Noailles. http://www.villanoailles-hyeres.com/fr/archives

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