Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Dear readers, I am wishing you some amazing holidays full of joy, good food and fabulous fashion! Have some great days surrounded by your loved ones, get some much needed rest and then celebrate New Year’s with a bang. I am off for the holidays, too, and see you right here again in January!

Glædelig jul,



  1. Laura 1 year ago

    So cute, love the sweaters!


  2. sanalzade 1 year ago

    Good blog.

  3. Swan 1 year ago

    Snowman rocks! <3

  4. Martha 1 year ago

    love the matching sweaters, perfect holiday outfits!

  5. tricia 1 year ago

    ugly Christmas sweaters! and they’re not even really ugly; they’re pretty cute. i especially like the Christmas tree.

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