Keep it simple

Keep it simple


  1. Catherine 1 year ago

    Really nice.

  2. Carolina 1 year ago

    Wow! What a beauty!

  3. Laura 1 year ago

    So beautiful, love this yellow!


  4. Marianne Paul 1 year ago

    It’s totally “retromantic”.

  5. vasilieva 1 year ago

    love these high waisted pants


  6. gabrielle 1 year ago

    on brand aa… caught outside the store?

  7. StreetLounge 1 year ago

    “Keep it simple” – I agree! ;)

  8. Shukorina.com 1 year ago

    Super gorgeous!!!

  9. Soren took this picture of me when I was at work, outside the shop, so yes I’m on brand here :)

  10. andrea 1 year ago

    wow, what a beautiful girl :)

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