Smoke break

Smoke break


  1. Matilde 2 years ago

    I love everything about that outfit! It’s simply amazing!

  2. Samira 2 years ago

    I adore her outfit!!!!!

  3. Style 2 years ago

    Awesome look. Love her style

  4. fashionregion 2 years ago

    Gorgeous photos – the entire look is so cool!

  5. High Vogue 2 years ago

    I love her way of matching the outfits.
    She has her own style in matching outfits.

  6. Sophie 2 years ago

    Cool hat, and a by far cooler attitude!

  7. Michelle Lee 2 years ago

    simply chic

  8. StreetLounge 2 years ago

    Very nice photo with a lot of atmosphere. :)

  9. hvogue 2 years ago

    That may be a clever way to quit smoking

  10. fashion accessory 2 years ago

    may be it is a good things for a lot of smokers .haha

  11. amazing-fashion 2 years ago

    love your skirt the colour really suits you :) x

  12. Desirae Rose 2 years ago

    Simply lovely from top to tip! The hat is the perfect finishing touch!

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