Très chic

Très chic


  1. AlexsFashion 2 years ago

    I love the bag! It is so modern now that the “walls” on the side flap out-they always remind me of butterflies…
    xoxo Alex

  2. Laura 2 years ago

    Lovely outfit, the bag is beautiful!


  3. Samira 2 years ago

    I love this outfit a lot!!

  4. vanda 2 years ago

    Je suis ENCHANTEE par cette femme!!!! What a Style, what a look, what a BAG!!!!! CEline….always!!!!

  5. Fanny 2 years ago

    well yes, she’s cool! stylish but cosy often works best

  6. Adeola Naomi 2 years ago

    Beautiful bag!!!

  7. Tiina 2 years ago

    Oh, beautiful & very intelligent look! + the bag, still looks so fresh! :)

  8. Joy 2 years ago

    So perfect, so Paris!

    With Love,


  9. Jenaly 2 years ago

    this is simple and fantastic


  10. vasilieva 2 years ago

    that sweater is just so good


  11. Dani 2 years ago

    Terrific look, especially her pants. This photo seems a little window into her personality, love it.

  12. Martha 2 years ago

    love it, it is the perfect every day look that has a huge amount of style and chic. Madrid Street Style http://madrilicious.com

  13. Nadia 2 years ago

    Absolutely lovely! I want her sweater.

  14. Jill 1 year ago

    Cosy cuts, simple colours and soft materials combined with a classy bag = great outfiit!

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