Hi guys,

I’m working hard on improving The Locals, and today I wanted to tell you a bit about some of the new features. You might have noticed already that I updated blog layout some time ago, but if you are reading this in a RSS reader, go over to the website and have a look. Along with the new layout came some little improvements:

You can now search for tags (try ‘hair’ or ‘cropped pants’, for example), give the posts a heart if you love them and see related posts under each picture.

I am also very excited to unveil some exclusive content for my Facebook friends. Over at my Facebook fan page, you can now find free downloadable desktop wallpapers and a new Spotify mixtape each month. If you haven’t liked The Locals on Facebook yet, now is the time to do it!

Do you like these little updates? Have I missed anything? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Boo 1 year ago

    Try posting more. See what it might do for you. I come on here every once in a while and think “bored” ‘cuz you haven’t updated in a week or what seems like a week. I get that it’s necessary to think about these layout things regularly as a blogger but I’d much rather see more images since that’s what I’m here for in the first place.

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