Well Plaid

Well Plaid


  1. michelle lee 2 years ago

    perfect really pretty :)

  2. Maud Helene 2 years ago

    So cute. Love it!

  3. Anne-Marie Bruun 2 years ago


  4. Ramy 2 years ago


  5. Lauren@Styleseer 2 years ago

    Very pretty, and the mix of plaid and floral is perfectly done.

  6. Milosz 2 years ago

    She’s so cute!

  7. Ana 2 years ago

    I just have my frozen face and de gate in my photos. I’m jelleaus, wanting this outfit and being back in Berlin!!! (:

  8. Sanna 2 years ago

    Ah! Awesome!

  9. Frizzi 2 years ago

    She looks like a girl who took part at Germany’s Next Topmodel once!

  10. NAD 2 years ago

    it’s her, definitely … marie nasemann.

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